About Me

It all started with a love for technology. Growing up, I'd spend hours and hours each day on a computer, but high school is where the love for web and graphic work started to bloom. I took my first web design and Photoshop class at the same time and excelled in both, using that knowledge in college.

It wasn't until spring of 2018 where I got my first client job, redesigning my old teacher's website. That sparked an inititive to reach out to more businesses to make logos, and other sites alike.

Most of my experience is successful thanks to those who let me work for them, and you, reading this. So thanks, person (or robot...) reading this.

What did I do spending those hours on the computer? Well I got big into video games (Counter Strike, to be exact), to the point where I joined a team and played in tournaments. After a while, I started to follow the editing community and began making my own little game edits. This sparked the ever existing enjoymet of filmmaking and made me want to do more.

In college I joined some film classes and made my own projects and little movies (using real people this time). It was so much fun.

Right now I'm working at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Planetarium as a show producer and an IT worker, along with doing freelance client work for those who want 'things', so feel free to contact me about any work you might want.

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